Homeless Encampments & Service Requests

Hello Neighbors –

As many of you already know, we have been dealing with problematic encampments in and around our neighborhood for the past two months. I am grateful two women from this group have received shelter in Hollywood, and that the other men appear to have moved on. https://www.latimes.com/california/story/2019-09-10/hollywood-library-homeless-shelter-midcentury-modern Hopefully you noticed two encampments were cleaned up on Monday, 8/23 at Carling Way & La Brea and also at Carling Way & Citrus.

I am sharing the following information in the hopes you will “save it” and/or “print it” for future reference. These steps are the most effective way to respond — and we can help prioritize requests if everyone concerned takes a few minutes to fill out the same requests. LA-HOP and MyLA311 are how the City of Los Angeles tracks, manages & prioritizes dispatch of all homeless services & outreach.

We are fortunate to have lower numbers than most communities, and that some of the blocks have “permit parking” in our neighborhood. I always encourage residents who have serious safety concerns, to subscribe to SSA Private Patrol. They are extremely helpful and can typically respond with 10 minutes. https://ssa-securitygroup.com If you have questions about what the current laws & restrictions are in regards to LAPD enforcement, please take a few minutes to review the City Attorney’s website. https://www.lacityattorney.org/homelessness


  • Call 911 for an emergency, mental or health emergency, crime in progress or danger to life or limb
  • Call LAPD 1-877-ASK-LAPD for non-emergencies
  • Get resources to a person experiencing homelessness by using the LA-HOP.org website or app to request an outreach team to be dispatched https://www.youtube.com/watchv=g4vQjsSa3uY&feature=youtu.be
  • To report an encampment use https://myla311.lacity.org/ app or website
  • After multiple service requests are logged with MyLA311 and LA-HOP by many residents, you can also work with our LAPD Senior Lead Officer – Dave Cordova, and if unresolved Council District 4 Field Deputy – Rob Fisher (you can find their contact info here): https://labreahancock.com/links/


  • Complaints to 311 trigger a step-by-step process: City workers visit the location identified by the requester to check whether it is really a homeless encampment or just some abandoned items, according to the Bureau of Sanitation.
  • If Sanitation workers find a mattress or a couch, they can pick it up and reclassify the complaint as a “bulky item” request, according to the department.
  • But if homeless people are present, the Bureau of Sanitation needs to get additional approval for cleanup, including a sign-off from LAHSA / Los Angeles Homeless Services Authority after it has done outreach. That can take as long as three weeks, according to the city.
  • Unlike abandoned couches, homeless camps cannot simply be carted away. L.A. has repeatedly been sued for violating the rights of homeless people, and last year, a federal appeals court ruled that homeless people cannot be punished for sleeping on public property if they have no access to shelter. These laws and ordinances are being reviewed by the Mayor and elected officials at City Hall.
  • The surge in cleanups has pulled workers away from their regularly scheduled efforts to proactively reach out to homeless people in assigned neighborhoods, rerouting them to sites slotted for cleanups so they can try to help people before city crews arrive.
  • City workers are supposed to post a flier 24 to 72 hours in advance, telling homeless people they will have to remove their belongings.

I have two vacations coming up in October, so please keep this information handy so you can rally folks on your block to work together and be personally engaged in resolving issues as they arise. Residents living closest to the future Range Rover dealership at La Brea & 4th, and the Avalon private pocket parks off Carling Way, have been provided with Security contact numbers for those businesses.

Thank you,
Tammy Rosato
La Brea Hancock HOA – President & Safety Committee Co-Chair
Greater Wilshire Neighborhood Council – Board Member

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