Agendas & Minutes

HOA meetings are held on the 3rd Tuesday of each month.  A link to the agendas will be posted to Nextdoor and emailed out to our Neighborhood Watch distribution list.  If you’d like to be included, please email

Links to previous meeting agendas:
AGENDA 1-23-17
AGENDA 2-26-17 Annual Meeting
AGENDA 3-20-17
AGENDA 4-19-17
AGENDA 5-30-17
AGENDA 6-20-17
AGENDA 7-18-17
AGENDA 8-15-17 (no meeting)
AGENDA 9-19-17
AGENDA 10-17-17
AGENDA 11-21-17
AGENDA 12-20-17 (no meeting)
AGENDA 1-16-18
AGENDA 3-4-18 Annual Meeting
AGENDA 3-20-18
AGENDA 4-17-18

Links to previous meeting minutes:
MINUTES 1-23-17
MINUTES 2-26-17 Annual Meeting
MINUTES 3-20-17
MINUTES 4-19-17
MINUTES 5-30-17
MINUTES 6-20-17
MINUTES 7-18-17
MINUTES 8-15-17 (no meeting)
MINUTES 9-19-17
MINUTES 10-17-17
MINUTES 11-21-17
MINUTES 12-20-17 (no meeting)
MINUTES 1-16-18
MINUTES 3-20-18

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